16 oz. Briossa Vina II Sheer Rim Tall Wine Glass / L7510SR

16 oz. Briossa Vina II Sheer Rim Tall Wine Glass / L7510SR
16 oz. Briossa Vina II Sheer Rim Tall Wine Glass / L7510SR16 oz. Briossa Vina II Sheer Rim Tall Wine Glass / L7510SR
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Product Information
Thanks to its wide, sheer rim and exquisitely formed bowl, this Libbey 7510SR Briossa 16 oz. wine glass is the ideal way to highlight the clarity, color, and consistency of your most popular premium wines. Great for serving both red and white wines, this glass is versatile enough for your fine dining restaurant, bar, or catering business. As an all-purpose wine glass, you'll save both money and storage space by adding this glass to your collection. Its classic design and appearance are further enhanced by its crystal-clear clarity to showcase the rich colors of each wine. In addition, an elegant stem elevates the bowl, while a wide foot provides stability and balance. Plus, this glass features Libbey's Sheer Rim / D.T.E. (Dura Temp Edge) standard of excellence. This special process starts with a beadless rim that is then cracked off and polished again. The result is an extremely fine yet durable rim for long-lasting use.

✔ Sheer Rim / D.T.E. (Dura Temp Edge) beadless rim
✔ Great for fine dining restaurants, bars, and catering businesses
✔ Features a classic, elegant design
✔ Perfectly balanced to rest on trays, tabletops, and counters
✔ Crystal-clear clarity showcases the rich colors of red and white wines
✔ Adds sophistication and style to your table setting

Item No. 7510SR
Capacity: 16 oz / 473 ml
Height: 9"
Top Diameter: 2 5/8"
Bottom Diameter: 3 1/4"
Maximum Diameter: 3 1/2"
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