Do Start Up Breweries Need Growlers?

In this video Keith (Director of Sales), and Michael (Art and Marketing Director) discuss the impact and issues growlers have on new start up craft breweries.

Do you think as a startup brewery, a growler should be part of your initial line of drink ware you're providing, or is it something you need to build up to?

Depending on the size of a brewery, sometimes they don't have enough production to do beer to go. Most breweries these days are thinking ahead going, "People are going to want to take my beer home and share it." So most breweries are starting off with the ability to have the capacity to utilize growlers.

And there's different size growlers. There's 64 ounce, there's 32 ounce, there's Boston rounds. Do any of these trend better? Which ones? Let’s say I'm starting a new brewery; I want to have the best glassware, I want to show I'm really serious about what I'm doing. Should I go with a 32 ounce? Should I go with the 64 ounce? Is there a big price difference?

Well, the number one thing you've got to think about is, can my client base afford the growler? And as you see, there's the stainless steel keg. Beautiful, great gift idea, but it comes with a higher price point. And it's a good question about 32 ounces versus 64 ounces. You have two growlers. Some people look at 64 ounces and go, "That's too much beer for me." And a lot of people will also want to try two different beers, so they will get two 32 ounce growlers, maybe a stout, and a kolsch because that's what they like. Some people go, "I just want this one beer, I love it. Give me 64 ounces.”

And these are reusable. You can take it back to the brewery, or liquor stores, and get it refilled.

We brand the back specifically with the government warning. And a lot of polices utilize cleaning instructions because these are tough to clean. Some have smaller mouths which can cause some difficulty. Especially since they don’t really fit too well in most dishwashers.

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