Krysta Series - The High-Performance Crystal Glass

Bring the perfection and sophistication of fine crystal without the lead or the fragility Create splendidly elegant table settings with fine, lightweight, and extremely transparent glassware.. Krysta wine glasses are made of European quality crystal and meet dual challenges of aesthetic excellence and resistance..

Superior strength with exceptional finesse, they are 30% stronger at the rim compared to standard crystal glasses. The thin stem torsion resistance equals 2x human hand torque when crafted with Krysta. This stemware showcases some of the flattest footed stems in the industry. From rim to foot, focus has been on all the detail, creating superior collections in both material and design. Highly resistant to mechanical shocks and withstand repeated dishwashing without scratching or discoloration.

The stems are seamless, intentionally perfecting the production processes to eliminate unsightly seams. Both visibly and to the touch. This is evident in comparing the stems to other glasses in the market.

Krysta is one of the purest and most transparent crystal glasses on the market. The mastery of its composition, the quality of the sand used, and fusion at a very high temparature gives Krysta outstanding transparency. Featuring greater purity and transparency, with a transparency index of 98.5. Long lasting brilliance maintains for more than 2,000 industrial dishwasher cycles.

The exclusive Krysta composition gives it a clear, pure musical sound in keeping with tone of the best crystals. A unique shine coupled with a distinct sound for a refined sensory experience. 100% clear and pure perfect acoustics you expect from crystal.
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19.5 oz. Domaine Tulip Wine Glass / Arc L9368 Thumbnail
19.5 oz. Domaine Tulip Wine Glass / Arc L9368
List Price:$0.00
As low as: $2.60
16 oz. Domaine Krysta Wine Glass / Arc L9370 Thumbnail
16 oz. Domaine Krysta Wine Glass / Arc L9370
List Price:$0.00
As low as: $2.60
13 oz. Domaine Tulip Wine Glass / Arc L9371 Thumbnail
13 oz. Domaine Tulip Wine Glass / Arc L9371
List Price:$0.00
As low as: $2.91
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