Custom Craft Beer Glasses

Add Your Logo To Custom Printed Stemmed Craft Beer Glasses

As a great alternative to the Rastal Teku Glass, these stemmed craft beer glasses are ideal for any craft brewery. The stem keeps your palms from warming up the beer. The design of the glass allows for a full sensory drinking experience by capturing & releasing the beer's aromas in the outward curve of the glass. Showcase your brand by adding your logo. Have a limited or new beer release? These glasses are perfect to give-a-way with purchase.

Custom Craft Beer Glasses

Introducing your new favorite craft beer glass!

This new series from Arc is very similar to the Teku series that is currently out there in the craft brewery world. And, a lot of craft brewers are picking up on these Teku glasses for beer releases, limited runs, or just something fun for their customers to take home. But with this new series from Arc, the Hugo series, they are not only made domestically, but they also have a lower price point. They are at least 50% less than the Teku in the market!

They come in three different styles. We have the regular style of the Hugo, which has a beaded rim on it. This is going to be your cheapest side of the stemmed options. We also have an upscaled version, the sheer rim version.

What would the sheer rim be used for, versus the beaded regular version? It’s more of an elegant glass, even along with the sheer rim, there's a little better clarity. Both glasses do have a nice clarity with them, but the rim is nice because the beer is going to flow seamlessly from the glass into your mouth for a better experience with the beer.

The stemless is a version of the beaded version regular Hugo, which has the same imprint area. There's not a lot of restrictions on it. It's a very wide imprint area. With the way Arc designed this, it's a lot easier to print on. We're able to get really creative with the design of the concepts the brewers are trying to go after.

The fact that these are made in the U.S. is great. If the product goes out of stock, we won’t be waiting weeks for it to come back overseas.

The stemless feels nice in your hand. Nice and solid, so it doesn’t feel like you're going to break it. We like these a lot better than the regular wine glasses a lot of brewers are using. This has a lot of character to it and it has a nice wow factor. It really captures that shock and awe effect that a lot of people want to get. The craft beer world is limited on stemless wine glasses so they are using glasses that are designed for wineries. This is a nice glass that is out in the industry for them to use for beer. We even see wineries using it.

Yes, I am ready to enhance my craft beer serving experience. Please send me info about adding my logo to custom printed stemmed craft beer glasses!

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