Drinkware Trend Forecast

What You Need To Know for 2021

The promo landscape has changed since last year and no product category has experienced that more than drinkware. Pivot your sales presentations and speak to changing needs to increase orders in the new year. We're breaking down all the new trends, uses, markets and more you need to know. Read on and raise a glass to more sales in 2021!

1. Corporate clients need to reach remote employees

Don't make the mistake of thinking promos are only needed for in-person meetings and events. Corporate clients want to make remote employees feel appreciated now more than ever, which makes direct-mail gifts they can use at home a perfect solution. Consider ceramic mugs that employees can sip coffee from during morning video conferences, or pint glasses for those webcam happy hours. Not only will your client's brand be seen on screen, it will also create a sense of community among staff when everyone is using the same company merch.

16-oz. Willi Becher Beer Glass

Pint glasses are great for company-wide incentives, as every employee can find a use for them in their kitchen.

15-oz. White Campfire Mug

Speckled camping-style mugs are particularly trendy, which will show staff their employers are on the pulse of what's popular.

12.75-oz. Wine Taster Glass

Consider wine glasses for more formal events such as award ceremonies and holiday celebrations.

2. Delivery and Takeout Needs Will Remain High

With many bars and restaurants closed or confined to limited capacity last year, drinkware switched from being needed for mostly indoor dining to delivery and takeout instead. You can expect this trend to continue into 2021, especially in the first half of the year. Remember: Many states are now allowing bars and restaurants to offer drinks to-go, so travel-ready drinkware containers like growlers will be in high demand.

64-oz. Amber Growler Without Lids

Thanks to its large size, this portable growler is an excellent choice for breweries, bars and restaurants that sell beer to-go.

16-oz. Glass Mason Jar

Mason jars are multipurpose: Not only can they be used as drinkware, they make excellent table decorations and containers too.

12-oz. Glass Mason Jar

With its slightly smaller size, this mason jar is ideal for to-go cocktails and mixed drinks.

3. Weddings will bounce back, but they'll look different

As any "corona bride" will tell you, planning a wedding in 2020 was its own special kind of chaos. The good news is we can expect postponed and rescheduled weddings to come to fruition in 2021. However, plan for COVID-related considerations to stay in place, such as smaller "micro weddings" with a virtual live feed for guests that couldn't attend in person. Brides and grooms will want their friends and family to feel appreciated and included, so recommend mailing wedding favors like wine glasses, shot glasses and champagne flutes to everyone on the guest list.

18.25-oz. Vina Diamond Balloon Wine Glass

Virtual and in-person guests alike will enjoy using this wine glass for years after they raise a glass to the wedded couple.

11.5-oz. Brandy Snifter Glass

The shape of this glass concentrates the alcoholic odors to the top of the glass, making it great for sniffing and sampling wedding drinks.

4-oz. Sidewater Taster Shot Glass

Suggest couples mail out shot glasses with a recipe card for a specialty shot inspired by their wedding theme.

4. Look for thriving sectors outside of food and beverages

While drinkware certainly goes hand in hand with bars and restaurants, there are plenty of other markets you can pitch these products for. Prioritize sectors that haven't been hit as hard by the pandemic, such as real estate, finance or even education. Glass drinkware makes a great gift for new homebuyers or bank members to thank them for their business. Beverage coolers and coasters remain a retail favorite. Utilize recyclable and BPA free plastic cups at your next event or celebration.

60 Point Circle Coaster

Featuring a 60 pt. thickness, these coasters won't tear when wet like beverage napkins and other paper coasters and provide significant durability that allows them to be reused.

Full Color Sublimation Cooler

With large imprint areas to display your favorite family picture or group photo, personalized photo koozies are ideal for family and school reunions, fundraisers, weddings or anniversaries, and other milestone celebrations.

16 oz. Clear Plastic Cup

The plastic cup is perfect for the beach, sporting events, tailgates, weddings, festivals, giveaways, and social activities!

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