Why is the 16 oz. Can Glass Great for Your Craft Brewery?

The 16 ounce can glass, is pretty popular in craft breweries. It's also been pretty popular outside of the craft brewery world. Why is this glass so popular?

Well, I think people like the shape of it, you know, mimicking a beer can. It makes it a little more fun than your standard pint glass that you see everywhere. You can print really big on it, so you can have a lot of fun with the artwork. It's just something different, you know? It's a fun glass.

Is this glass becoming too popular? Is it still a good glass for breweries to have in their bar, as opposed to like a mixing glass or a Belgian glass?

What I see most of the time is, as you know, the beer releases become a big popular thing recently. Where there is a special glass that's made for each beer release that comes out. It's great for that sort of event. A lot of people like to use it for retail. A lot of the tap rooms have a retail section where they do something a little bit nicer than their standard drinkware.

That's what out there, just like with us working on the artwork for the glasses, it's been mainly focused on special releases. And, with the special releases, do the breweries normally sell the glass with the purchase of the beer? Is that normally how that works with the beer release?

Normally that's how it works. As part of the beer release, you get the commemorative glass to go along with it. They become very collectible. You'll see a lot of the brewer groups on Facebook. A lot of these special release glasses sell for five to 10 times more of what people paid for them because of their scarcity.

So, it brings in a lot of good revenue to the brewery or to the bar that's selling it.

Is the cost a lot more for this glass, since it's not typically what you see in like stores when they're selling glasses? You really don't see this a lot. So, is there a lot of assumption that these cost more than a regular mixing glass or a pint glass?

Absolutely. That is the thought that because it's got a unique shape, a little bit different style, it's got a little bit thinner glass, a nicer feel to it than your clunky standard pint class.

I do know like when we’ve worked with the clients for the special releases or custom art, like with Three Stars or Crooked Crab, because of the straight side of the glass it provides a very nice imprint area for us to print on. It's very wide. It's very bold, and it allows us to get really creative with the artwork. So, we've been able to take some of the artwork that the breweries have given us, and done some really super creative with it.

Like with Crooked Crab, we were able to take their concept and really expand on it, and make it a much more interesting glass. But, the glass is interesting by itself, but just utilizing the elements more and adding more colors or more design work to it. This glass is a lot more versatile than a 16 ounce mixing glass, or anything with a shape to it. Because of the straight shape, it just allows for more creativity, and allows us to really showcase not only what the glass can do, but I think it also helps enhance the brand of the brewery as well.

And, if we know what color the beer is, we can design around that, so when the beer is in the glass, the artwork is not getting lost. That's one thing that we feel that we've always been able to provide value to our customers, is if they have like a dark beer, not to print in black. We print it in another color, like a yellow, or a green, or a white. But, if they have a lighter beer, to go for more of a darker color, so that way when the beer is in it, when you have the product in the glass that you're selling, the design looks better, and it showcases it better. It's all about the presentation and experience.

In the past we have taken and worked with artwork from the customers and enhancing their brand. With the can glass shape, we've done the actual taking their actual can artwork that they use for the cans they sell the beer in, and we're able to use that, and modify it, and use it on the can glass. So, it kind of goes together.

That's kind of what we did with this glass here. They gave us the can artwork on the aluminum can, and we were able to replicate that onto this glass. So, the branding stayed consistent throughout their release.

Along with the 16 ounce regular glass, we also have this new 16 ounce tall boy can glass. So, again with this, because it's a taller glass, is this a similar price point as the smaller glasses? Or, is this going to be more?

It's about the same.

But again, because it looks a little bit different, a little bit nicer, the perception is, is that it's a much more expensive glass.

And, with each brewery kind of looking forward to newest and most unique glass and everything, their artwork is a big part of making that glass unique. There are so many breweries that have Belgians, and mixing glasses, and can glasses, but it's what they do with it that makes it stand out.

With the introduction of the tall boy version, there's going to be a lot more of a unique factor to this glass, as opposed to this, not only in height, but just in the feel of it.
Well, it goes along with traditional six packs have this sort of short squat shape. But, a lot of breweries have moved to a 16 ounce format, where they'll sell four of the 16 ounce, instead of six of the 12 ounce beers. Even though it's a 16 ounce glass, it looks very similar to the 12 ounce can. Where this is the 16 ounce; it's taller, so it goes along with the 16 ounce can format that so many breweries have switched to.

Do you see this style of glass continuing to be a trend in startup breweries and existing breweries in the future?

Absolutely. The public really likes it. They like the shape. Again, it's something unusual. It's not really something that you see when you go to the store to buy glasses for your house. It just makes it unique, and it just points to the craft brewing world. The format that so many of the breweries are going towards, they're getting away from bottles and glass for a lot of different reasons. So, I think it's going to remain popular.

Would you consider this glass to be an essential item for any brewery that's starting up?

It would be a good item for any brewery starting up, especially for a grand opening. Something with a more detailed and interesting artwork to promote their brand, instead of just a single color glass that they might use in their tap room. Something that a person who visits there could buy, pay a little extra for, and keep it as a reminder of a good time that they had at the tap room.

It's all about the experience and creating a unique experience every time. So, definitely with the beer releases, with grand openings, any special event, this is definitely the glass to go to, and one of the most suggested glasses just because of how far versatile it is with the imprint and design area. Because everybody wants like a big bold imprint, and this glass really provides that naturally.

It’s going to remain a popular item. As long as they're selling beer in cans, it’s going to stay right with that trend.

Are there any glasses that you see coming out now that you think would be really popular, that maybe complement this glass, or would go along with it? Like if someone's ordering this glass, and they want like other glasses to partner with it or complement it, is there a one glass that you have in mind that would work well with this glass?

Well, there is a lot of tap rooms have beer flights. So, there's also a five ounce beer flight glass that's available in a similar shape, which makes it a little more fun. It's got a nice flat base. You don't have to worry about it getting knocked over when you're going out to the tables. And, it stays with the same style.
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