Frequently Asked Questions

Are printed glasses and mugs expensive?

Decorated glasses and mugs costs the same, if not less, than ordering blank versions. Due to the relationships and volume we order from the manufacturers, we are able to provide better pricing than if you were to purchase the ware yourself. We understand having a tight budget, and we aim to make our glasses and mugs as affordable as possible.


Do I need custom printed glasses and mugs?

Drinkware is for more than just restaurants and bars. Having your art or logo on drinkware is definitely a wow factor for everyone. From lawyers offices, to weddings, breweries, churches, marathons, and festivals, having custom printed glasses or mugs are a proven effective way to help people remember you.


Is the custom imprint on the glasses and mugs environmentally friendly?

You may have considered imprinted drinkware, but concerned the imprint will harm the environment. We understand there are services that exist in which an imprint isn't very safe. Our imprints are safe, meet California's Prop 65, professionally applied, and tested through rigorous and thorough conditions. Your imprint will continue to look brand new after repeated washings. 

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